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DLA 05: Mike Mangini intro fill from ‘Hip Today’ (Part 2 of 2)

Download Video FileClick here for lesson PDFIn this lesson I show you how to play the intro fill from the track; ‘Hip Today’ by the band Extreme, featuring the drumming of Mike Mangini.

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DLA 04: Mike Mangini fill from ‘Hip Today’ (Part 1 of 2)

Download Video FileClick here for lesson PDF
In this lesson I’ll show you how to play a fill used in the track ‘Hip Today’ by Extreme, featuring Dream Theatre’s new drummer, Mike Mangini.
This two beat fill played over beats 1 & 2 of a 4/4 measure and is comprised of 16th note triplets (sextuplets). It contains two linear 5 patterns and is played in the bar before the final choruses of the tune after the guitar solo.


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DLA 03: Awesome lick used for stops and set ups

Download Video FileClick here for lesson PDF
In this lesson I’ll show you how to play a lick that I first heard Buddy Rich play on an album with Lionel Hampton. This versatile lick can be used as a stop or a set up for a hit or push. This lick has been widely used by many of the world’s top drummers spanning a variety of musical genres.
In the top tip I answer a question posted by one of my subscribers about closing fills for songs.

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DLA 02: Contrasting dynamics within a 16th note groove.

Download Video FileClick here for lesson PDF

In this lesson I take a basic 16th note groove and spice it up by manipulating the internal dynamics, and in the Top Tip I clear up some of the confusion regarding the names of three different snare drum tonalities.

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DLA 01: Boost your technique with the 5 Stroke Roll

Download Video File

Click here for lesson PDF

In this lesson I’ll show you three ways to play a 5 stroke roll to develop your meter and boost your technique, and in the top tip I share a tool that I’ve been using recently that’s helped me improve my timekeeping.

Helpful links:

The 40 PAS Rudiments.


PDF of the 40 PAS Rudiments FREE Download click here.

iPhone metronome app.

Tempo App by Frozen Ape





Click image for more information.


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