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Private Lessons

Darren is currently accepting a limited number of private students, from beginners to advanced, ages 12 upwards.

The Studio

Drum Lesson at the DLA StudioThe Drum Lesson Academy is a purpose built recording and teaching facility. It uses a variety of different technologies in conjunction with Darren’s extensive knowledge and experience to help deliver high quality tuition to help you improve as a drummer, whether you’ve been playing for a few days or many years.

My teaching approach

Darren Ashford

Darren Ashford

I always emphasize a musical approach to playing the drums. One of my aims is to provide students with the knowledge and skill to enable them to play with or without music in a variety of musical styles. A good understanding of basic song form is therefore one of a number of essential skills that will help make a student’s drumming sound more mature and professional.

Many drum teachers teach from very good drum method books but fail to make the connection between the technical exercise and it’s musical application. The need to look past the technical is essential not only in teaching others but when teaching yourself.

Having taught and observed a large number of different drummers over the years, I have developed an ability to pinpoint problem areas in drum technique and musicianship which are often overlooked. Very slight adjustments in posture, set up or in hand/foot technique are sometimes all that are needed to take students to that next level.


I have been having lessons with Darren for about four months and I’m delighted with the help and support he has provided. As a self-taught drummer who has been playing for years, Darren has been helping me unlearn a huge number of bad habits and turn around a lot of bad technique – with a remarkable level of success. My playing has moved forward more in the last few months than it has in the last ten years. Darren is a patient and flexible teacher who never makes you feel stupid or intimidated. He has the chops to show you how it should sound and the abilty to break things down into manageable bits for you to practice and then build back up. I would recommend him without reservation.

Andy Hill

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Where and When…

Harrow, LONDON: Saturdays 10am-7pm.

***Limited Availability***

Harrow & Wealdstone StationAll lessons are taught in a sound proof, purpose built studio on acoustic drums. My lessons are an hour in duration and cost £40 per hour. This includes all lesson print outs and any supplementary materials.

5 mins walk from Harrow & Wealdstone Station (Tube, Overground and Mainline station).


To book a lesson at Darren’s Drum Studio in Harrow complete the form at the bottom of this page.


I also teach very advanced techniques and concepts to Professional drummers and Drum teachers who are looking to improve their own playing both technically and musically. I teach the Moeller system and various inter-related techniques including time and motion concepts, body awareness and natural technique development.

I feel strongly that practicing and playing with good technique can help build control and touch that can only help our ‘Time Flow’ and aid in the expression of our musical ideas.

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Keep drumming and have FUN!!

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